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ADD / ADHD – Our suggestions for treatment without pHARMa

At Baja Hemp Co we are committed to natural healing, not just selling a product.  We believe that God already gave us the plants and resources necessary to heal many, many diseases without pharmaceuticals.  Today we are going to discuss ADD and ADHD.  Many parents are completely overwhelmed with this diagnosis and have already chosen to medicate.  Others are looking for natural alternatives and trying to avoid drugs at all cost.  I think most of us can agree that ADD / ADHD is over diagnosed and over prescribed.

There are two types of drugs that are prescribed to children with ADHD: stimulants and non-stimulants.

Stimulants include amphetamine and Adderall.  Non-stimulants include Strattera or Wellbutrin.  As you can imagine, there are many potential side effects including:

  • Sleep problems
  • Mood swings
  • Loss of appetite
  • Heart problems
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions

ADHD diagnoses have increased by 41% between 2003 and 2011.  I have many ideas on why that is, but let’s look at what should be avoided and what can be done.  There are quite a few natural ways to improve attention span, organizational issues, lack of self-control and memory.

1)      Food color and preservatives.  As hard as you may find it, it is super important to avoid both preservatives and food dyes and colors.  That means all the packaged food.  All the chips, candy, all of it.  Especially the red dye no 40.  You will see a huge change in both behavior and concentration just with this one tweak.

2)      Allergens. Elimination diets can be fruitful when managing behavioral issues.  Try a few weeks cutting out each and keep notes on how behavior is affected.  Meat, dairy, eggs, chocolate, chemical additives could all have an effect on your child.  Try eliminating one at a time.  Also consider eliminating berries, apples, grapes and oranges, just temporarily while you watch their reactions.

3)      Calming activities and exercise.  Breathing techniques, meditation, yoga or martial arts.  Exercise releases endorphins and helps calm.  It relieves anxiety and hyperactivity in the young and old.  There is nothing that can improve behavior more than a healthy, active lifestyle

4)      Get outside.  Vitamin D is not produced naturally by your body.  You need a minimum of 20 minutes outdoors every single day.  No sunscreen and not in the shade.  If you live in an extremely hot area, go out in the morning or afternoon.

5)      Supplements.  Vitamins and minerals play a huge role.  Our moods and emotions do not come from our brain only but from our gut.  It is important to balance both.  My suggestions are DAILY usage of the following:

  • CBD oil – CBD helps to level out our emotions.  It is known to greatly reduce stress and anxiety as well as depression.  CBD has less than .03% THC and is non psychoactive, making it safe for kids.  If you have questions please read the other articles here on our website and email us directly at
  • Magnesium – daily mag spray and supplement in a capsule.  At least once a week bathe in Epsom salts with lavender EO.  I recommend Thorne mag capsules and spray.
  • L-carnitine and L-theanine.  Both supplements are known to help focus and concentration, as well as lift spirits.
  • Vitamin B 6 and B 12
  • Zinc
  • ACV – I strongly recommend Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar for mood and behavior.  Make a big ‘lemonade’ each morning.  In a large glass of ice water squeeze two limes and a tablespoon of ACV.  After a week or so you should see dramatic changes.
  • Essential Oils –  I use oils daily for all sorts of reasons.  In this case lavender is very beneficial.  Lavender can be used topically or in a diffusor to calm and soothe.  I also recommend the Serenity blend by doTerra.  Consider switching out your beauty and cleaning products for natural oils. Start simple.  Ditch the beach and instead use white vinegar.  Leave some orange peels soaking in it for a few weeks.  Add lemon, orange or thieves oil and use that on floors and surfaces.
  • Probiotic – personally I’ve only used Garden of Life and doTerra’s.  I’ve also heard good things about Plexus.  For my family I didn’t notice any difference when we took probiotics, but we were already following a very healthy diet.  Look into them and see if it may be something that could work for you.

6) Fruits and Veggies – I cannot stress enough how important this is.  Kids NEED to be eating healthy food.  You can’t feed them junk and expect them to behave.  Switch out the fruit snacks and granola bars for fresh fruit and nuts.  This will improve brain function and attitude.  Smoothies are a life saver.  Keep fresh fruit sliced and diced and easily accessible.

Please try the above suggestions before deciding to medicate.  The side effects can be completely avoided and your child can still feel free to express his or her own personality.  These products can help your child feel in control but NOT like a zombie.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have in regards to these products or treatment.  If you have a natural product to add to this list, please let us know!  We have dedicated ourselves and our business to constantly learn how nature can heal us.

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